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How to Install Fog Lights on Chevy Silverado?

How to Install Fog Lights on Chevy Silverado?

Fog lights on Chevy Silverado provide visibility, clear view in foggy weather and prevent accidents. Also, these lights are available on the front bumper and have installation spots below the headlights and on the grille. 

How to Install Fog Lights on Chevy Silverado? You can install fog lights on Chevy Silverado by selecting them according to State laws, then mount its brackets, and bulbs with enough brightness and visibility. Then, disconnect the truck battery, open the hood, remove the washer, nuts, and bolts and disconnect pre-existing switch. Connect wires from the hood to the dashboard, make a connection between ignition and switch, and adjust the fog lights with bolts.

In addition, the factory drilled holes, and the mounting surface on the front bumper of Chevy Silverado determines the size and shape of these lights. Also, select high-quality, good material, and efficient fog lights with warranty policies and a long lifespan. 

Moreover, torch beams, clips, mounting nuts, bolts, and shapes match the factory designs. In addition, they have premium performance, are reliable, and resist harmful weather conditions.

Furthermore, they are lightweight and easy-to-install tools with lesser complexity. In addition, the installation procedure takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Also, the activity costs you around $30 to $45 with the fog light prices.

Select fog lights/kit for your Chevy Silverado

Select the fog light kit for your Chevy Silverado with a precise bulb and efficient performance. Also, the Silverado requires a specific design and size of these lights for more visibility and performance.

In addition, a few states across the USA have laws for these tools. Also, a few of them do not allow the use of some colors and styles. Select them according to the state laws, certifications, and approval from the transportation department. 

However, these come with different bulb types and packages. In addition, a fog light for Silverado can have light-emitting diode bulbs or halogen-containing tools. 

Also, they have a high-intensity discharge bulb that uses Xeon gas and produces a high brightness level. Moreover, the light-emitting diode bulbs are durable with a long lifespan. They are expensive, but people prefer them for their long usage periods.

In addition, the HID lights have maximum brightness, and the light has similarity with daytime light. The halogen fog tool is the cheapest but is old equipment. 

Moreover, they have different styles due to the modification of mounting spots on several vehicles. 

Disconnect battery and open hood

Park the truck on a stable surface and turn the ignition off. Then, remove the key and disconnect the battery terminals. Also, leave the system for around 5 to 6 minutes, and allow it to cool down. In this procedure, engage the brakes of parking mode. 

Now, open the hood compartment and access the location of mounting. Next, check the pickup truck manual and access the spot on the bumper and grille. 

Remove the already existing attachment equipment (if any)

Access the fog light housing and identify the switch. The equipment remains attached to the pickup electric system. 

You have to disconnect it by removing the switch. Also, remove the electric equipment from its original spot. 

Now, remove the bolts and nuts from the system. Next, identify the washers and discard them from the system. 

Also, make sure the bumper remains scratch-free during the light housing removal. Then, disconnect it slowly and keep the surface of the bumper or grille safe. You can also put 6.0 in the 5.3 Silverado for better results.

Establish an electric wiring network for new fog lights

If your Chevy Silverado lacks the factory-built fog lights, establish an electric wiring network for new items.

Now, use a long electric wire, cross it under the hood compartment and move it inside the pickup to adjust the on and off switch. 

Also, access the fire well and identify the holes on the passenger side that allow crossing a few electric cables without any resistance.

For new systems, use a drill machine, and make a hole under your dashboard. Then, add rubber insulation around the electric wire and protect it from electrical surges and other failures. 

Now, hold the ground wire and connect one end on the switch backside. Then, attach the other end to the dashboard metal compartment.

Also, install a fuse and electric wire for this network. Then, hook the wire on the backside of its switch and develop a middle connection. 

In addition, hold the wire end and pull it from the fire well, and access it inside the hood.

Combine the electric wires, join them with the relay, and develop an electric connection with the Silverado battery.

In a few kits, separate electric wires exist to make a connection between ignition and light’s entire electric passage. 

Remove the bumper by loosening all the nuts and bolts with screwdrivers. Next, open the bumper cover, detach the clips and remove it for accessing the pre-drilled factory holes. 

Adjust new fog lights and tighten the bolts

On a Chevy Silverado, adjust the new fog light in the mounting bracket and align the holes of both items.

Now, add bolts in the holes and cross them from both system surfaces. 

Now, thread the washer and use a ratchet or wrench for tightening. Then, nut over the bolt and fix it with repeated clockwise rotational movements. 

Handle the switch and housing

Hold the removed on and off switch in the already mounted fog light system. Also, for new setups, develop a new switch connection. Now, use a plastic clip and attach it to the switch.

Now, insert the on and off tool in the mounting surface and fix the clip. In addition, they depend on the battery for continuous electric supply.

In foggy weather conditions, you can link the lights with the ignition system directly. Now, turn on the truck with the ignition key and check the lights. 

Also, ensure the visibility angel and remove any disruption from the entire system. In addition, use the brightness of a moderate level and subtly keep the angle. 

It should not affect the visibility of other drivers. Also, it includes in the laws and violation leads to several accidental problems.

Things to consider when adding fog lights on a Chevy Silverado

The self-installation of fog lights is convenient with the already existing pattern of wiring and switch. 

But, in a new system, there are no drilled holes with any electric passage.

However, it is far more challenging due to the complexity of electric wire crossing and the attachment of ground wires with the switch and relay.

A few people do not know the depth of holes for these small tools. Also, they destroy the dashboard section. In addition, inaccurate light selection leads to additional drilling on the front bumper that can harm the headlights and surrounding equipment.

A few people lack the relay for the protection of on and off fog light witch. As a result, the adjustment of this equipment becomes challenging. However, the relays are economical gadgets with high performance, but it adds a few dollars to the total installation cost.

The development of electric passage takes more than 4 to 5 hours due to complexity and non-professional skills. Also, these activities involve professional mechanics with their expertise.

Also, Silverado fog lights have high illumination levels, but they do not fit instantly in the mounting spot and holes. As a result, the process becomes challenging, and the owner loses money.

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