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How to Install Wheel Spacers on Your Truck?

How to Install Wheel Spacers on Your Truck?

Here are 9 best DIY methods for installing wheel spacers on your pickup. This is an easy process and you can do it at your home with this step-by-step guide.

How to Install Wheel Spacers on Your Truck? You can install wheel spacers on your truck by selecting a suitable design, raising and fixing its one end on the jack stand, remove the wheel, position and secure the wheel spacers.

There are many brands manufacturing these products, the design varies according to the vehicle.

How to Install Wheel Spacers on Your Truck?

The wheel spacers increase the distance between the hub and wheel of the vehicle. The nut bolt pattern is essential to consider when installing wheel spacers for your automobile.

Required tools

  • Jack and Jack stand of automobiles
  • Twisting / Torque wrench
  • Gloves
  • Wiring brush
  • Duster
  • Degreaser

Selection of wheel spacers design

Avoid using spacers that do not fit tightly and precisely. The guides are available for this purpose. It is necessary to go with the specified parameter for a vehicle.

The two commonly used designs are the hub and bolt pattern, the hub type has parts present between hub and wheel.

The other style is the bolt design, it uses extra studs for fixing. The most useful pattern is hub-centric.

The main factors influencing design selection are the bolts, nuts in each side, pitch, bolts’ pattern, the bore size of the hub, and the thickness.

If any of the above-given factors go wrong, the damage might hit the vehicle. Their performance also depends on the type of manufacturing material. You can make your truck theft-proof by adding devices at this location.

The more durable is the material, the better is the performance. The aluminum-based accessories are best in this context.

Their purpose is to increase the distance and decrease pressure on the tires and automobile hub. Sometimes the people use it to enhance the attractive look of the pickup.

Park the truck

The next step is parking the vehicle on a flat and hard surface. It is better to park on an immovable surface.

The floor jack raises the pickup to a specified level. Then lowers the automobile on the jack stand.

Raise and fix the one end on a jack stand

Raise the one end and fix it firmly on the jack stand. The entire automobile lifting is dangerous. It may cause injury as well as damage to the auto parts.

The placing of the choke near back tires during working on front tires and near the front tire while working on back tires is necessary.

During the process, don’t work under or over the tire. The jack stand temporarily holds the weight and you can quickly fix the issues. The pickup may fall with a jerk or by applying pressure, resulting in injury or even death.

Remove the wheel

The process involves putting off lug nuts and placing it on the side. The 1/4 A turn usually works on it.

The mechanic uses a tire iron or breaker bar to remove these. Repeat the process for all four corners.

The automobile expert uses a degreaser for this purpose. They thoroughly spray the lubricating oil.

The wire brush then removes the dirt or filth from the hub. The cleansing process continues until the pickup hub looks even and clear. You can attach a kill switch at this location.

These help in compensating the pressure on the tires. If any lug nut is missing, just add the new lug nut to prevent extra pressure on the sides. For theft protection, locked pattern lug nuts are now available.

If there is a corrosion sign in lug nuts, put some lubricant and allow it to penetrate. There will ease in removing lug nuts.

Sometimes there is difficulty removing the parts, as these are corroded and attach firmly to the hub. The striking tires and mallet in a reverse manner will hit you and cause injury.

The pickups may have washers on studs. So remove these before starting the procedure.

To smoothly settle it on the hub, remove the retaining clips if present in the hub, otherwise, there will be a problem and can cause vibrations. It can cause a rattling sound from the pickup.

Securing wheel spacers

These are also secured by using adhesives and for placing the bolts on the place. The Loctite mostly works as an adhesive. The use of the Loctite prevents loosening of the vehicle’s efficiency under rigorous or stressful activities.

Once applied, it is difficult to remove such a type of adhesive. Special measures are required to take off Loctite.

Positioning the wheel spacers

The bolt helps in the proper placing of the hub and the accessories. The accurate mounting of equipment depends on it. In this way, it typically creates a clearance line between the wheel and hub.

The setting of 6-8 times rotations is necessary for the proper technique. Then, fasten the nuts with a torque wrench. The torque adjustment is an important point.

The over-tightening of nuts may cause difficulty in moving tires freely. Similarly, the loosening of it will also cause a problem such as vibrating sounds and improper movement.

It can change the original lug pattern of your automobile. For example, you can easily use four lug nut into five lug nut designs by using a suitable product.

The products used in pickups usually have a 6.55 bolt pattern and 1.24 thickness.

These may place tire externally to the vehicle. It will influence the vehicle balance as well as the driver’s performance. If the width is more specified, the orientation of the automobile will be better.

Sometimes the hub cause problem in fixing the nuts by turning aside. This problem can be solved by slightly pressing the peddle brake.

Sliding the wheel

The parts are attached to the devices by the sliding process. Then tighten the original lug nuts according to torque specified terms.

The anti-seize to the threads is useful if lug nuts are difficult to add. These specifications vary according to the vehicle’s rigorous activities.

The vehicle is then raised by automobile jack for removing the jack stand and then lowers the newly fitted tool.

The failure or imbalance is caused actually due to improper issues. These issues include an inappropriate pattern of the hub and the bolt, or nut, undefined torque specifications. It is better, using proper standards.

These put the additional burden on the bearings and other suspension mechanisms. There is less use of thick parts and require longer studs and deeper rims while thin spacers negligible in this context. You can add the new front rotors in your Ford pickups.

Repeat the process

Besides design selection, repeat the same procedure for each side and the rest will be fine.

The fixing of these tools on the vehicle’s back increases the vehicle’s grip. However, there is a disturbance in the overall balance of the automobile.

If you only add these on the front side causes loose back for vehicle movement.

Check the efficacy of wheels

There are fewer chances of any damage, distortion, breakage, and disorientation after following the specified criteria.

Its efficacy regularly requires the tightening of lug nuts. Set the proper alignment before driving.

Then, check the tools, and these must be in controlled conditions. The driving test with the new tools must be up to 100 miles.

The only drawback is that it put an extra burden on the track geometry and the misdistribution of actual weight. You should also change the starter on your Ford F150.

The inspection needs a visual and periodic pre torquing mechanism. The difference occurs in the torque value.

The proper maintenance requires a visit to the automobile shop after a specific time.

The rattling sounds show the demand for lug nut tightening in the equipment to prevent damage.