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How to Replace a Starter on Ford F150?

How to Replace a Starter on Ford F150?

Here are 7 easy steps to remove and add a new starter in your pickup. We have added the required items in this detailed guide.

How to Replace a Starter on Ford F150? You can replace a starter in your Ford F150 by disconnecting the terminals of the battery, apply floor jack, remove the bolts, remove the old product, and add a new starter.

This heavy-duty motor device combines control and battery terminal, the starter solenoid, and a DC motor.

How to Replace a Starter on Ford F150?

The starter plays a vital role in operating the combustion engine of the truck. It works as an electric motor with a speed of two hundred revolutions per minute, which helps to initiate the engine.

So, it has a long life and does not get any error. Still, it is better to check on it from time to time to prevent any sudden problem. It can cause an error if there is any disturbance occurs in the battery or generator.

Items Required:

  • Socket Wrench
  • Stud Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • Indicator Light
  • Floor Jack

Disconnect the terminals of the battery

Its motor is present at the lower side of the exhaust manifold opposite to the driver’s side in the engine.

The initiator is connected to the battery. If you do not disconnect the powerhouse, it will be hazardous. As it can not only create sparks but also produce fire, which may damage your engine. You should turn off the daytime running lights on your pickup.

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery carefully. After successfully removing the positive terminal, disconnect the positive terminal.

It consists of two bigger nuts. One has a size of 13m millimeters, and the other is 10 millimeters.

It is suggested that you should not remove both terminals simultaneously, and be aware that it might be dangerous for yourself.

As you can also become a path for the current, and if it happens, current flow inside, you will have serious consequences. So it is always better to remove one terminal at a time. This is also used when you reset the ABS light on your pickup.

Apply Floor Jack

If you want to make the process easy, it is recommended that you should floor jack. The floor jack will help you to get the vehicle up.

You should lift the pickup to a certain height at which the floor jack will slide easily beneath the vehicle. You can install wheel spacers in the truck with this technique.

Get the vehicle lower with the control arm so that the vehicle stays firmly and does not get tilted towards one side. This step is also used when you change the fuel filter of your truck.

Remove the Bolts

Three bolts are used to fix the initiator motor with the powerhouse of the automobile. You have to go under the vehicle opposite the driver’s side and find the device.

The standard way to connect the battery and the tool is through the red color wire. Locate the red wire, and you will quickly find out this motor.

You have to remove the joints with the help of 10millimeters or 13 millimeters sized socket. Apply air wrench to lose the first bolt and then use the ratchet to get the bolt out.

Now you will be left with two belts. The remaining bolts are easy to get removed. You can easily access the remaining two bolts, and by using short and medium-sized ratchets, you can easily remove the remaining two bolts. Many people add new mud flaps on their Ford F350.

Remove the Used Starter

After removing all three bolts, now is the turn of the device to get changed. So you should be aware that you have to grip it firmly; otherwise, it will drop out of your hands.

Separate the initiator from the engine carefully and hold it with the proper grip of your hands.

Add the New Starter in the Truck

The new initiator should be placed at this step. Before adding the new starter, it is better to clean the connection joints between the battery and the device. Clean the wires also during this step with the help of a brush.

Now fulfill all the steps in the reverse order. All the three bolts should be tightened to a certain level that is standardized by The Ford Manufacturers.

Test the newly placed device by turning on the ignition. If there is no faulty sound, then this is a good indication that the initiator has been appropriately placed and working up to mark.


Before you initiate changing the device, you should be a hundred percent sure that whether it is making a problem or not. Because sometimes, the issues are due to the faulty battery condition.

Begin with an identification test and determine whether the fault is present in a gadget or a battery or switch or any other electrical part present in the engine.

The component present in the engine consumes an extreme amount of current compared to any component present in the pickup running on electric supply.

Wires which are connecting the parts usually get damaged due to corrosion. So these wires must be checked from time to time.

All the electrically connected components must be inspected and if any error shows up, get rid of it as early as possible.

When to Change a Starter in your Truck?

It is a reliable part of the engine that usually prolongs the lifetime of the pickup. About eighty thousand starts are expected from an advanced modern initiator.

It should carry on the engine for almost 100,000 to 155,000 miles without any worry. It goes longer in hot climates as compared to winter.

Ignition Problem

If you turn on the vehicle and it does not get on at all, then this complete failure of the ignition process is due to the initiator device.

When the automobile is tried to turn on, it will not draw the required amount of current necessary for this process. Hence this problem will lead to failure in initiating the pickup.

Immersed in Oil

It is present in the engine, and as it is close to the oil. The oil leakage might occur in your vehicle, which further leads to its exposure to the oil.

The process of leakage of oil begins with tiny droplets, and this problem gets bigger and bigger. If you will not fix this issue and take it for granted, you should be ready for some serious consequences.

So it is suggested that always have a close eye on the oil leakage and if you see any droplets coming out of the engine, fix the problem in the first hour.

Discontinuous Ability

The initiator motor has an armature in it. If any fault occurs in the armature, the device used to get on the vehicle will not work correctly.

This is also a common type of electrical and mechanical problem. As a result of this problem, it behaves in a discontinuous manner. Due to this problem, sometimes the initiator will work properly, and sometimes it does not show any output.

Lights on, Engine off

There is another scenario that occurs when it is not working up to the mark. You will start the vehicle, and it will not start, but the headlights get on. This shows you need to check your vehicle and remove the issue as early as possible.


If the turn your vehicle on and it produces a strange or weird sound, then it might be a reason that your ignition device is not working correctly.

Still, it is not a hundred percent sure that it will be due to the initiating device’s failure. It can also be because of any malfunction in the flywheel or pinion component of the vehicle.

Weird Smell

The electrical system can be subjected to short circuits or other vulnerable conditions. If you turn on the automobile and observe a weird smell coming out of the engine or see smoke showing up in front of you.

Then it is better that you should not repeat the process of turning it on again. It is better to fix the issue or consult a reliable technician.

An excessive amount of Current

If you face a situation in which the initiating device consumes a large amount of current compared to current powered by the battery through wires. Due to this problem, the engine will not operate and does not get on.

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