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Top Trucking Companies in Arkansas

Top Trucking Companies in Arkansas

Many people started the business of trucking companies at small or large scale in the last few years in Arkansas because this state is famous for its industries and processing units.

Top trucking companies in Arkansas are Zipp Delivery Inc, Brent Higgins Trucking, Bill Davis Trucking, and Highway Divas LLC, WT Transportation LLC, and Lion Transport LLC. The nearby industries, small businesses, vehicles showrooms always rely on these companies for the shipment from one State to other or within the State.

Zipp Delivery Inc

It has been working since 1980 with dedication and customer satisfaction. It closes on the weekend, but you can call any time during the working hours from Monday to Friday.

Zipp Delivery Inc runs fully functional cartage and delivers or picks the goods on time. In addition, this company provides good services, for example, daily line hauls, local pickups and deliveries, air and ground deliveries, and pharmaceutical deliveries and pickups.

In addition, you can hire the service for residential pickups and deliveries, air and ground deliveries, and especially for white-glove service, which includes tailgate, jack, and additional man for loading and unloading.

Brent Higgins Trucking

Brent Higgins is the name of the founder of this company. He started the journey alone about three decades ago, worked day and light, and established it.

First, he is the only man who handles the entire task such as dispatch, delivery, and data record alone. In addition, the maintenance and repair of trucks and trailers were the additional work for Brent Higgins.

This company is working efficiently in hauling refrigerated, frozen, fresh, and other products for both customers and brokers during the business hour according to the regulation of the transportation department.

Bill Davis Trucking

It is a small company, it provides updated security systems, including SensiGuard Embedded Cargo Trucking System.

It hires and gives training to the staff, especially to the drivers. The team is very responsive and consistently receives positive feedback from the customers.

If you seek employment in a transport company, you can apply for this. The company will hire you according to your eligibility and qualification. They also have a trucking business in Greenville, SC.

SMS Trucking

It is not a big company, but its service areas are from Arkansas to the Southeast and Midwest. It gives the complete package with two days off in a week.

Every member of the team enjoys the vacations. It is famous for its luxurious and large campers attached to the truck.

You can call and book your service before or at the time. Then, the owner installs the new and updated features to the trucks and trailers immediately when they come into the market.

Timmons Transit

The people living near this company can enjoy its services at any time as it remains open 24 hours a day except weekends. There are a limited number of team members, but all are experienced and qualified.

People prefer this company over the others due to its excellent freight hauling. You can load heavy machinery and vehicles on the large cargo bed of huge trailers.

Its demand increases day by day as it always delivers and picks up things on time. There is always a backup plan for the company in an emergency.

Highway Divas LLC

Generally, the Highway Divas LLC handles the freight commodity neglecting the size and type of goods. The vehicles of this company travel across the country and coast to coast with safety.

The unique thing regarding this company is the addition of women in trucking companies as professional drivers.

It is reliable and offers LTL shipment, LTL freight transportation, Dry Van, and Full Truckload. Furthermore, Greatwide Truckload Management (GWTM) assists the drivers in every possible way to maintain the services across the states.

WT Transportation LLC

It has experience in OTR Flatbed Transport service and ELD system. The installation of electronic tracking devices in the trucks makes them reliable and reaches on time.

The advantage of joining this company to the drivers is Trap Pay, Competitive Mileage Pay, Drop Pay, and health insurance.

The company mentioned the requirement for the post of the driver such as CDL Class A License, pass DOT physical and drug screen, 2 years verifiable experience in the past 3 years, and 25 years of age.

CalArk International

You can call this company for 3PL, truckload services, warehouse, and distribution.

It was established in 1975 and earned fame within years. Many industries hire small size trucks for the door-to-door distribution of goods.

It is a large company and makes a never-ending commitment with the customer due to its honesty, integrity, and polite response.

USA Truck Inc

According to the customer instructions, the TL fleet service moves the goods from many manufacturing industries over the road.

Moreover, Logistics, dedicated fleet transportation, and intermodal services are on the top. It works according to the aspects of the operation, including regulation, performance, and cost.

The company is famous for its safe shipment of vehicles, food, beverages, health care equipment, consumer products, and industrial equipment.

Roberson Trucking Company

Its primary purpose is a heavy haul, liquid, major dirt equipment, and oilfield services.

It is among the top trucking companies in the Arkansas area due to high-quality equipment, accessories that can transport the liquid in bulk, and oversized machinery.

The person, not the computer, will always answer your call. This service is available 24/7 with enthusiastic staff and a dedicated team to build a long-term relationship with the customer.

Twin City Transportation Inc

Twin City Transportation Inc provides reliable services through a single-source provider of truckload dry vans. You can call it to move things in nearby places and distant places.

First, you can read the reviews then call it for the shipment of products. In addition, you can trace the process of transportation and can also cancel the deal in a limited time.

Acme Truck Line

It has been working for the last couple of centuries and maintaining 3PL Management, Expedited Freight, and Heavy Haul & Overdimensional.

The employees pack, unpack, load, and unload the products under intensive care and there is an insurance policy for both the customer and driver.

Accident Prevention Program is running in the company that educates the drivers at the professional level and performs the drug testing procedure.

Distribution Solutions Inc

This company offers reliable customer demand with a dry van, shuttle service, and temperature control. Regardless of the shipping freight’s size, type, and quantity, it transports it safely.

You can hire these services such as less than truckloads (LTL), Full Truckload (FTL), Refrigerated trailer, shuttle service for local or regional locations, and long haul trucking.

It started from the small company which hauled the board markers and chalkboard to all the institutions; it grew and increased the services, including brokerage.

Lion Transport LLC

It is the king of the all transport trucking company with experienced assets and team. The company will give the bonus to the customer by covering the extra miles.

It only offers dry freight in abundance but under security and safety. You cannot call this company in case of emergency and on weekends.

You have to book an appointment at least 4 hours before because it always remains busy. It will be beneficial for you to choose the truck according to the shipment of goods if you book the service with half payment one day before.

Brown Brothers Driver Outsource Services LLC

Many businesses and brokers dealing with heavy machinery and vehicles rely on this company in Arkansas. The large cargo bed trailers with side rails help in the shipment of expensive and heavy vehicles.

The company hires the driver and gives training according to the State’s policy. In addition, the updated security system installation made the truck more protected and reliable for a long time.

It transports the furniture, home accessories, and electronic appliances within the State and to the other State without any damage.

Stacked Logistics

It offers two types of Flatbeds such as open deck and roll-top Conestogas for delivering the products on time. In addition, the Stacked Logistics is premium in the shipment of non-hazardous, non-combustible liquid in closed and aluminum containers.

The owner worked day and night to take it to higher standards. So whenever you are looking for employment or shipment, you can choose this without hesitation.

Mostly the businessman prefers the deck bed for transportation for grains. You can take the finished lubricants, base oil, and additive wax in a vapor recovery equipped tanker. The tanker can haul up to 5 different liquids in separate compartments.

Lindsey Petroleum Transport

The company introduced the latest technology by installing the advanced GPS, product trailer, and new tractor with a weight-saving design to maximize the loads.

You can transport Mobil Oil, Philips 66, Lion Oil, Shamrock, and Murphy Oil in the containers. It is available in Arkansas all seven days of the week, but sometimes the staff cannot answer the customers’ calls.

The company received negative feedback in the last decade, but it again gained its lost position by hard work.

EOS Trucking

It is famous for its updated freight system, CSQT, and beech trucking. The company owner treats the staff as a family, and in return, the employees work with hard work.

Many people like to make a contract to ship goods within the state or other states because it is reliable and delivered on time.

ESS Transportation Inc

The primary purpose of establishing this company was to provide oilfield services, dedicated transportation, and industrial services.

Furthermore, the oilfield services cover the drilling, completion, and production. The workers are experts in industrial cleaning and hydro excavating.

Comstar Enterprises

Refrigerated trucking, among the other services, is on the top. Every customer will use the service every time because the team is cooperative and make a long-term relationship.

Moreover, the employees deal with the customers friendly and always get positive feedback by delivering on time.

The ranking of this company is decreasing because it is facing some technical issues in the total truckload transportation.

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