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Top Trucking Companies in Greenville, SC

Top Trucking Companies in Greenville, SC

There are many famous trucking companies in Greenville and they deliver goods as per the requirement of customers.

Top trucking companies in Greenville, SC includes Eastern Distribution Inc, Oakley Tank Lines, Palmetto Specialty Transfer, and Direct South Logistics provide the LTL, FTL, and freight logistics services. You can select the company and contact for booking the shipment of material from industry to retailer and for door to door service.

Eastern Distribution Inc

This company provides excellent services with complete and updated security. You will hear the alarm in emergency and life-threatening situations.

You can call and book an appointment to ship food and pharmaceutical products in the wreck and fenced trucks. In addition, it provides more services such as packing, unpacking, labeling, container loading, and unloading, and many more.

The warehouse of this company consists of about 68000 square feet having flatbed trailers. The vehicles have a temperature control system that enables them to stand in changing weather conditions.


It is a private Third Party Logistics Company (3PL) that provides global transportation and logistics services.

This company has relationships with the other branches in other cities and satisfies the customer by air freight, oceans, and rail utilizing assets.

In specialized truckload transportation, you can transport heavyweight accessories, hazardous materials, and logistics trailers. You can hire the LTL (Less than Truckload) if you want standard, all modes, and on-time delivery.

Premier Transport USA

It started in 2005 with only 3 trucks and 3 drivers, but it followed the two rules. One is providing their best to satisfy the customer, and the second is to treat their employees the way they deserve.

Unfortunately, the business lowered in the last two years and company faced losses instead of profit, but it was not at a vast level.

The trucking company increased its employees and trucks, but it could not handle the vast service. They also have a trucking business in Tennessee.

Industrial Transport Services, LLC

It always hires the CDL truck drivers and expert team members to run the vast business. The manufacturer used high-quality material to build the trucks and trailers of this company.

The textile industry, goods industry, processing, and manufacturing need the trucks to load the raw material and take it to the destination.

Mainly the shipment of products in the state or from one industry to another occurs through this company’s trucks.

Women occupy 9% driving population, 25% of management, and most importantly, the number of female truck drivers increased to 69% in 2010

UCW Logistics

It is an old company founded in 1925, and the owner named it Chattanooga Cotton Compress Company. This service was limited to the cotton warehousing facilities and compressing.

In 1968 the head changed its name and set its goal to freight movement in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

You will not disappoint if you want to involve in the partnership. The oversized or OOG vehicles can help you ship things that require flexible and standard trucks.

Intermodal and expired shipments provide reliable and low-priced service within time and work on holidays, respectively.

Oakley Tank Lines

The chemical industries mostly hire this service and contract to transport hazardous chemicals. It has safe and secure vehicles and tankers that protect the substances from air resistance and temperature fluctuation.

It works from Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. You can also book the next day’s service before a day or more on the after business number available on the official website.

The primary services include general commodity chemicals, specialized chemicals, tank trailers for temporary Plant storage, and equipment relocation.

In addition, the employees actively do their duty before and after the delivery. The primary responsibilities include exterior equipment cleaning, interior tank cleaning, and Tote cleaning of Container.

Paveway Express

The benefit of Paveway Express is that you can trace the path and estimate time through a GPS. This company works 365 days in every situation.

It is famous for providing services, like the regional shipment, local shipment, LTL shipment, Expedited shipment, drop trailer, Yard Switcher, storage trailers, and warehousing.

It is not new nor old and established in 2017 with a minimum number of staff and vehicles. The drivers cannot exceed the mentioned speed limit but deliver all commodities on time.

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

If you live in the state and shift your house, you can call it, and the employees with the trucks and trailers on demand will be there within no time.

Furthermore, the services include the moving of items under a secure environment. Some people also call it because it is available to remove junk from the area.

The company also offers membership packages to the customers by providing additional labor and security equipment. Many people shift their small house or apartment in the trailer by towing it to the hauling truck.

Palmetto Specialty Transfer

It is a local firm and provides long and local services, including moving, storage, packing, and timely deliveries. This company hires new staff and drivers almost every year because it increases the number of trucks and trailers.

For residential moving, you do not need to worry about shifting home accessories. Instead, just call it and share your location through the online map, or you can also tell them verbally.

You will get the things at the new location according to the distance when you select this for commercial moving.

The wreck and separate portions are present in the trailers that will store the boxes and other things after proper packaging to prevent damage and injury during traveling from rough and uneven roads.

Klaw LLC

The company consists of experienced and qualified workers who work according to the rules and regulations of the state.

It works and loads the things for shipment according to the laws of higher authority in the state. So you will have on-time deliveries and shipments if you hire them.

It can transport the goods in the box truck, dry van, day cabs, and sea containers under inspection to nearby areas and the state. 

The best thing about it is that it always pays the payment of labor and drivers weekly, while some companies have monthly payment policies.

Dunk Pye Transportation Inc

It is available during the five days of the week from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm except for the weekend. It is among the top trucking companies in the Greenville area that specializes in medium-heavy trucks and trailers repair and maintenance with the loading and unloading.

The employees always inspect the parts of the trucks and vehicles before going and after returning from long tours.

The primary purpose is to repair the trailers; you can call from anywhere in the state. The worker of this company will approach you by using a map or on the same address which you tell him.

The annual maintenance and installation of new features in the trucks increase the weight handling capacity. You can take heavy-duty vehicles from one place to other without facing any penalty and fine.

Baker Truck Parts

Baker Truck Parts is not well known and active trucking company. It sells the parts of the truck and distributes them to the shops in the market.

It has a giant warehouse and distributor in the state. However, in the last few months, the sales and shipment decreased due to technical issues in the engine.

The trucks cannot travel more than 100 kilometers, and also, the trailers are unable to ship the heavy machinery and engines of other vehicles.

Direct South Logistics

It is a new and well-established company working since 2011. The company owned a limited number of employees and workers at the start.

The number of staff increases with the passage of time and demand of the customers. Many industrialists and business people rely on it to ship their products on time under observation.

Unfortunately, after three years, it went into loss, and the team members decreased. The company hid the reason, but many customers left the service and jumped to other reliable trucking companies.

48 Hours Transportation LLC

It is a freight transportation company which is always on the front to provide on-time deliveries and long term relations with loyal customers.

It is available 24/7 for customer service and satisfaction. The people living in the nearby places and other manufacturing companies have a link with the manager and call the service at any time.

The large and heavy-duty trucks provide LTL and FTL. The security system of this company is up to date; you can trace the path and location of the trailers.

The customer can estimate the delivery time through GPS and map. The infrastructure of the trailers is also comforting, and you can also turn it into a luxurious room for spending a vacation at the beach.

Palmetto State Transportation LLC

It just needs a phone call from you and be ready to satisfy the customer in every possible way. It has been working for the last three decades and provides LTL, Truckload, Volume, Hazmat, protective services from cold/heat, and expedited services.

In addition, it is also famous for providing warehousing and consolidation services in the nearby area. The new ‘state of the art’ is a satellite tracking system; you can get updates on material transportation.

Furthermore, the cargo van, temperature-controlled trailers, and straight trucks are the other services.

You should inform the workers at least one hour before and book your appointment according to the quantity and weight of the products. The satellite tracking system makes it possible to deliver things in the 48 states.

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