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Top Trucking Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Top Trucking Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Trucking companies are working in Columbus, Ohio, to transport food items and dry bulk. They are providing the on-time delivery of products according to the distance. 

Top trucking companies in Columbus, OH includes J ad R Trucking, Heartland Express, Ida Trucking, Saia LTL Freight, Coldliner Express, KWC transport, Ward trucking corporation. These are beneficial for warehousing, proving the temperature-controlled tankers, and hauling the heavyweight items from different industries.

Bulkmatic transport Co.

It is the largest one that transports dry bulk in different states and was established in the 1970s. It is a privately-owned industry trying to provide reliable services to its customers.

Moreover, it is practicing on a larger scale to launch Bulkmatic solutions, brokerage, and logistics management focusing on Dry bulk supply chains.

They are also moving their business forward with the help of a terminal network, rail management options, and emergency services and parking assistances’.

Their dry bulk transportation services include rail to truck Trans loading, rail yard operations, tank cleaning, and intra-plant operations.

They have experience of more than 25 years for transporting rail to truck services. Their Trans loading facilities include product heating, product sampling, and liquid transfers.

They are giving training to their drivers for the safe transfer of pneumatics while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Silvan Trucking Company

It was developed in the 1980s in giving both interstate and intrastate contract carriage services. It is working in about 600 miles within a Columbus radius.

It is a growing industry that has about more than 30 power units. In addition, they have about 85 plus trailers, which are of two types, including dry van and tankers.

Van trailers are larger with a 50 feet length and air ride suspension and logistics posts for cargo safety. More than 30% of their trucks are generalized for air freight and general commodities hauling.

Their expedited services are only available with 225 miles of the radius within Columbus, Ohio. They also supply liquid material with great care and handling, especially milk and milk-based products.

They also have 24 feet straight truck with a lift gate for full-service shop and maintenance of rolling stock. Their core values include loyalty, integrity, and honesty.

Their truckload facility is available both locally and nationwide. 

Ward trucking corporation 

Ward is the founder of Ward trucking corporation, who started his business in the 1930s with only one truck and 3 to 4 employees.

Now, Bill Ward Jr is running this industry, and he is the fourth generation president of Ward Corporation. LTL direct coverage has more than 20 service centers that ship your items in 2 to 4 hours.

They also provide thermal protection for food commodities that need a temperature of 32 degrees or below.

They have more than 30 warehouses that provide solutions for your supply chain. They can store commodities in their warehouses include automotive, building materials, plastic, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies.

The movement of expedited shipments is a difficult task, and they have experienced drivers and equipped a fleet of trucks and trailers for their safe movement.

J and R Schugel Trucking Inc.

It was established by two persons, Jerry and Rich Schugel, in the 1970s, and at that time, they had almost 20 trucks and 15 trailers.

The main motive of these persons is to provide quality services to their customers at an affordable price range.

They are giving the facility of truckload for general commodities shipment, which includes dry van, refrigerated, dedicated van, temperature control, and expedited services.

They are also have dedicated fleet options with experience of more than 40 years in this field. They are also given the facility of J&R logistics, and their assets-based brokerage is available 24/7.

They supply the parcels to their clients no matter the market condition and type of freight.

Ida trucking

It was a licensed, bonded, freight, shipping, and trucking company established in the 1970s. 

Due to the increased number of shipments, their annual revenue is about $252,220 in sales USD. They are moving heavy materials, including building materials and metal sheets.

They train their team members and drivers for heavy haul with safety and careful handling. They are also shipping scrap metals with appropriate handling of equipment.

Eagle transport and logistics

It has all types of asses to transport all of your goods in a minimum time with minimum rates. 

They have state-of-the-art dispatching software to track shipment orders. They also have experienced drivers who are ensuring public and individual safety. They also have a trucking business in Virginia.

Their dry van shipments include packaged or boxed material, non-perishable food commodities, and transport pallets.

The temperature-controlled shipment services include perishable foods, temperature-sensitive foods, and sensitive plants.

They are also responsible for dedicated and national shipping at a specified time.

Total Xpress

It is providing cost-saving transportation solutions to its customers. They deal with different industries, including steamships, leasing companies, consigners, consolidators, brokers, and railroads.

Their main motive is to give quality service, and they are offering reliable logistics to their clients. Moreover, their drivers are also Hazmat certified, which is vital for safe shipments.

Heartland express

It always ensures safe delivery terms because their drivers have more than 20 years of experience on the roadside.

They move the goods and supplies to the supermarkets, production lines or units, and home improvement stores.

They are providing long haul with large fleets of over the road drivers. Their long-haul services include truckload transportation to all markets, including east of the Rocky Mountains.

Their operating centers are located in the critical market nationwide. For regional services, they are offering both medium and short hauls.

MadCo transportation, Inc.

It provides reliable services to ship, schedule, and track loads without feeling stressed all day.

They have a custom transport management system to serve the various industries and organizations to solve their multiple fleet needs over four years.

They also offer truckload delivery of open deck roads with 98% safety with experienced drivers and dispatchers.

Their Transport management software tells them about the exact time of delivery. 

A & R transport

They have more than 25 terminals and 15 warehouses nationwide.

They continuously focus on their drivers’ training and technology programs to ensure a superior level of service with high market demand.

They are also working on forming a liquid division to ship liquid material with intensive care. They have started their fluid carrier services because of their experienced staff and technology.

They have a store and transport facility of liquid material in the insulated containers to maintain temperature and heat.

They are also cleaning their tanks after every delivery with specific cleaning agents according to the type of material hauled in it.

Their major equipment for shipments includes hoppers bottoms, pneumatic tankers, fiberglass tanks, rubber-lined tanks, and stainless steel tanks.

Superior services include tank trailer leasing, dry bulk, trailers for storage, equipment leasing, and chemical shipping.

Bridges trucking company

Most of their trucks have steel beds that are famous for all-season hauling.

They are hauling different types of aggregate material used in the construction of buildings and roads. They are a self-insured trucking company.

The aggregates they are hauling include crushed limestone, sand, gravel, soil, and asphalt. They are also receiving all kinds of construction projects like roads, bridges, and dams. 

LV trucking Inc.

It has been working for more than 30 years, and they have started their business with local carrier cartage, and now they are interstate and regional carriers.

Their growth in the market is only possible due to the hard work and commitment of their drivers and team employees.

They have a contract with the grocery distribution industry to transport their products in the market. They are also shipping the materials of packaging industries with safe handling.

They are also transporting the vehicles and motors of the automotive industry. Moreover, they are also moving medical supplies, including surgical and pharmaceutical materials.

5 Star trucking LLC

They are providing transportation solutions according to the needs of the individual, and they also state that one size cannot fit all the transportation needs according to the changing demands of people.

Their primary mission is to give the opportunity of innovative transportation, on-time and quick delivery, and error-free handling of products.

They supply expedited shipping with straight trucks, experienced drivers according to payload sizes and volume.

They are also giving brokerage options, long hauling, and regional shipping.

Saia LTL freight

Sir Louis has established this company in the 1930s because he thinks that there is more profit in transporting the material than selling it in the market.

They have more than 170 terminals nationwide and have billion dollars plus carrier offerings. In addition, they have time-guaranteed services and will transport your products according to the time you have chosen.

Full value coverage is more beneficial because there is no pound per limitation and protects freight from natural disasters.

The distribution and consolidation services reduce the inventory of warehouses and transportation costs. Moreover, due to their better logistics services have a contract with the most respected brands for safe shipments.

Coldliner Express

It is family-owned and among the top trucking companies in the Columbus area. It is the famous carrier of temperature control products and supplies.

They have modern, late modern, technological and lightweight equipment for safe transportation of materials.

Moreover, they have refrigerated trailers equipped with an Orbcomm tracking technology system.

KWC Transport

It is famous due to the hauling of construction-based aggregates, including limestone pieces and sand. They also provide the hourly hauling service to remove dirt, sand, stone asphalt, and broken concretes.

They have more than 15 dump trucks with six-axle, seven-axle, and slinger types. Moreover, they also have tractor-trailer dump trucks with steel and aluminum beds.

They are only hiring a driver that has experience of more than five years to handle this fleet of trucks and trailers.

Lexington Intermodal

It is a full-service trucking company offering Trans loading and warehouse facilities. Trans loading facilities are popular because they provide a temperature-controlled environment.

Moreover, they also ensure the cleanliness and control of pests in the warehouses. Trans loading facilities include LTL, FTL, and LT.

Their drivers are HAZMAT certified, so it is suitable for hauling heavyweight. In addition their drayage services includes reefer drayage, rail ramp drayage and open top drayage.

Excel Trucking Inc.

They have more than 200 fleets and experience of more than 30 years. They have almost 12000 to 14000 happy and satisfied customers.

It targets the customers in the air freight and expedites freight industries.

Time is the primary principle in business as they offer expedited shipping on the same day if they have to deliver within 600 miles.

If the delivery destination is about 1000 miles to 1400 miles, it will take two days.

Zipline logistics LLC

They provide the best 3PL logistics with on-time delivery, affordable prices, and undamaged delivery of products.

It offers the truckload, intermodal, LTL Freight, port, temperature control, and expedites shipping services.

They have the latest electronic billing and paperwork technologies, along with automated reporting. They also have a freight visibility program for tracking shipments.

They offer the transportation of food and beverages logistics, raw materials, and retail logistics.

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